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    My name is Francesco Martelli. Iím a professional Trainer and Consultant.

I help individuals and organizations to grow, improve, and learn how to fully access their resources. Iím an expert in improving intuitive abilities in the following areas: Innovation, Creativity, Decision Making and Problem Solving.

I have a degree in International Political Economy Ė Political Science Ė at the University of Bologna, Italy.
Since 1994, I have been attending courses in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) held by the founders and developers of this methodology: Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Robert Dilts. NLP focuses on human excellence. It studies the difference that makes the difference between geniuses and lay people, in order to help anyone to anyone to improve their life and to evolve.
Over these years Iíve been focusing on the study and understanding of the mindset, language patterns and behaviour of extraordinary people, most creative and intuitive individuals, as well as most visionary individuals that I could find. So I became one of the international experts of NLP applications in the areas of: intuition, creativity and innovation.

I also studies Hypnosis and specifically got involved in deep relaxation techniques, how to access and expand our unconscious resources, such as our accelerated learning abilities and effective sensory perception abilities (ESP: the so-called ďsixth senseĒ).
  My mission is to expand and affirm the values of ethics, integrity, coherence, ecology, respect, spirituality in my training and consultancy work with individuals and organizations.

Iím the country Director for Italy and the main Italian Instructor of Silvaís UltraMind ESP SystemTM, a powerful method to increase your sensory skills, your intuition and to expand your full potential.

As a certified Hypnosis Instructor I train professional hypnotists who want to help their clients on personal development issues (non therapeutic issues, i.e.: to achieve goals, improve skills, strengthen beliefs, and change unwanted habits).

I am also one of the few Italian PhotoReadingTM instructors, and outstanding system for fast reading and accelerated learning that utilizes the pre-conscious process of written information.

Iíve been trained in the Arthur Findlay College and in the College of Psychic Studies (UK) where I continue to update my expertise and understanding in the expansion of psychic abilities.

I created Intuition TrainingTM, the first International mind development training focused on strategies and techniques to enhance intuition and creativity. I also created Intuition 4 Business, a method to increase intuitive and innovative abilities for professionals and business people.

For many years I worked mainly as an NLP Trainer, training hundreds of NLP Practitioners and Mater Practitioners in Italy. I also used to work as a Life Coach, helping my clients achiever their goals and results.
Now I focus on applications of NLP, Hypnosis, and all the other tools that I know tohlep people and organizations with my training and consultancy.

  My main values are:

Ethics: I behave according to my values
Integrity: My words, actions and values are congruent
Respect: I respect each personís unique value
Ecology: I value the consequences that my actions have on the greater systems that Iím part of
Spirituality: I understand and value what exists beyond myself
Efficiency: I produce results requested by my clients in the easiest and fastest way
Effectiveness: I always commit to go above and beyond the results requested by my clients

My vision is to give my contribution to the ethical and spiritual enhancement of individuals and organizations. I also help them reach their goals, get results, be efficient and effective.

My mission is also to offer training, consultant services, books and other products to people and organization in order to promote the understanding and application of the above values in their lives.

For any information and for enquiries please send an email message to:

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