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>>Creativity and Innovation
>>Intuition Training™
>>Ultramind ESP system™

Practical tools to create new products, services, processes

Goals of this training

This training will provide you with a method to imagine and create innovation. You will be able to express all your best creative abilities. This will be done in a two day course, with plenty of easy techniques and practical application work.

Who should attend

Managers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives who are searching for skills and techniques to express their full creative and innovative potential.

What you will learn
  1. Principles of creativity and innovation
  2. Levels of innovation
  3. Strategies and techniques for practical innovation
  4. Basic Innovation Technique
  5. 4 Step Innovation process
  6. How to overcome inner obstacles
  7. Creating innovative visions
  8. Innovation generator technique
  9. Developing group innovation and creativity
  10. Creating an action plan to enhance your innovativity

What you will do during this 2 day training

This will be a mental training for your innovative and creative skills, with plenty of exercises, practices and fun. You will learn several easy to apply techniques that you will be able to then practice on your own, once you are on the job again. This will help you to apply the skills in your real professional life, to get rid of inner obstacles and limitations to innovation, and access your full potential.

What you will get after the training

Innovation, creativity and intuition are awaken and ready to use, helping your logic and rational mind to perform at your best.

You’ll learn and think with an innovative, flexible, open minded attitude. You will finally be free of limitations that held you back, impeding bright ideas and good solutions.

How to develop innovation and creativity

2 day training: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Trainer: Dr. Francesco Martelli
(see profile)

Creativity and Innovation Training Participant’s Feedback:

"We are all creative, creativity is a great gift that has belonged to us ever since we were born. But we lack a User's manual. This program is based on simple and effective techniques. An added value Dr. Martelli is professionalism. I highly recommend this program"
Alessandro Fossati, Business Developement Manager

"I found several good and easy techniques that I can now use on a daily basis to enhance my results. Very nice and useful course."
Valentina Mazza, Executive R.& D.

"Attending this program is like being a tightrope walker, holding two counter-weights: your logic on one side and your inspiration on the other".
Valeria Scargetta, Project Financing Manager 

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